Jane Auster

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Toronto-based freelance writer/editor

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  • Maclean’s
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  • Your Convenience Manager
  • Your Foodservice Manager
  • Canadian Hotel & Restaurant
  • Toronto Home
  • Toronto Magazine
  • FoodBiz.ca
  • National Institutes of Health
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  • Brewers of Ontario
  • Spirits Canada
  • Earth Day Canada
  • Imperial Life
  • Target Zero Canada

Professional Writers Association of Canada – former president

Kenneth R. Wilson Award for Your Convenience Manager Magazine

Jane is an excellent editor. She is well organized and knows what she’s looking for but she’s also open to new ideas and suggestions from her writers. She provides excellent direction when needed but also allows her writers to express themselves in their styles and then adapts them to the publication. She’s a pleasure to work with.

– Talbot Boggs, president, Boggs Communications

I have had the pleasure of working with Jane for several years now in her capacity as magazine editor for several publications I write for. Jane is extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. Her editing skills are exemplary. Her work ethic is of the highest calibre. I enjoy working with her and would recommend her to anyone looking for the professional services of an editor/writer.

– Suzanne Boles, freelance writer, editor, writing instructor

I’ve been working with Jane since 1996. She’s the editor of a magazine that I translate into French. She also writes a lot of the pieces I translate. She’s extremely professional, well organized and well-versed in a lot of different fields. She always does her research and writes in a modern, interesting way. Even boring subjects come to life under her pen. She’s always pleasant to work with and willing to help me out doing some research of her own in order to explain a certain concept to me so that I can better render it in French.

– Danielle Hart, translator

I have provided written copy for Jane for 10 years, and seek out projects so we can work together. She’s the best editor I’ve ever encountered – extraordinarily well-organized and meticulous, realistic, and supportive of her creative talent. She is passionate about producing an exceptional product – and it shows.

– Lawrence Herzog, freelance writer & photographer

Jane is a talented, precise and organized writer, editor and communicator who expects and produces nothing less than the best. She is focused, strategic and hard-working, always courteous and encouraging, and has been a great pleasure to work with. I learned a lot from Jane and unreservedly recommend her services.

– Linda Jacobson, writer and editor, Jacobson Writing Services

Jane is a true pro, one who understands the challenges faced by freelance journalists, and knows how to team with writers to get the very best out of them. In working on projects assigned by Jane, I always find her flexible, forthright and focused. She’s the most professional editor I have had the privilege to work with.

– Jack Kohane, freelance writer

Jane is an absolute pleasure to work with. As an editor, she is always accommodating, helpful, and supportive. She motivates writers to be creative and give their very best. Jane is the consummate professional.

– donalee Moulton, Quantum Communications

Jane is a pleasure to work with as either a writer or an editor. She knows what she’s doing, she does it on time, she does it with care, and she has a sense of humour – in other words, she’s a low-maintenance writer and a thoughtful editor. It’s a good combination.

– Phillipa Rispin, associate editor, MontrealHOME / TorontoHOME / VancouverHOME

As the new year of 2010 begins, I’d like to take a moment to thank you for helping us with our start-up magazine, Boomer Life, back in 2007. It was good fortune that led me to finding you online as the first editor. You were generous in helping me learn all that I needed to know. From the first issue, the magazine became a standout due to the writing, editing, and graphic design elements. Your organization and English language skills made the job of a start-up easy.

– Lori Ross, publisher, Boomer Life Magazine, Richmond VA

Jane Auster is the best editor I have worked with in the 20+ years that I have art directed/designed publications for the trade and consumer industries. She has gone beyond the call of duty to make my job much easier while creating layouts which communicate highly abstract concepts. Whenever I pushed her for bigger, better and more, she would push right back until we had both outdone ourselves in producing a quality product. Jane’s drive for excellence and her ability to accommodate run hand in hand, a perfect combination for a true team player. I always felt comfort in her knowledge of a project and its needs, keeping not only herself on track and organized during the production process but those around her as well. It was an extreme pleasure to work with Jane and I hope to again some day.

– Jason F Schneider, senior graphic designer, CCMC Sports Group

Sometimes a writer – particularly an amateur like me – finds himself very wary of editors... or for that matter other writers working on the same subject, as they all become, to a degree, critics. The joy of dealing with Editor Auster is that she cheerfully keeps me on the straight and narrow, and, just enough of the time to maintain cordial relations, also allows me to say it my way! Jane always provides enough thoughtful questions to stir memory and trigger answers that lead to a professional review of the subject matter and, invariably, better articles. Jane’s personal prose and articles are always well researched and written, and this ‘amateur’ has nothing but praise to offer one of my favourite ‘professionals’.

– Peter Shrive, partner, Cambridge Management

I have had the pleasure of working with Jane Auster as both a website editor and media relations specialist. Her work is meticulous, thoughtful, and detailed. I would have no qualms recommending her for a variety of communications jobs.

– Nancy Simpson, director of communications, Sanofi Pasteur Limited

Jane is a committed and passionate person who excels at writing, editing and proofreading. Her organizational skills come into play, keeping multiple projects in order, making my job easier; resulting in an excellent product. Her attention to detail ensures a complete, well-honed work, leaving no stone unturned in regards to researching the matter at hand. Jane has a knack for drilling down to the facts and crafting the information into an interesting read. In one word: Reliable.

– Cath Strung, art director, Strung Design House